MISFIT Surfboards Review & Comparison

MISFIT Surfboards Cross Section of Versatile Surfboards

You can select the right MISFIT Surfboard for your skill level and the prevailing conditions.

This selection of boards is versatile and exciting.

First, the Misfit SK8EY 2.0 Surfboard. This is a perfect summer board, and great for small waves. The SK8EY 2.0 Misfit surfboard is better than a standard shortboard. It is wider under the chest, for easier paddling. The swallow tail with flyer inset makes for versatile steering in all conditions. And it has a 5 fin setup, so you can configure many different ways. This Misfit surfboard shines in waves that are up to shoulder height and below. Officially for waves 1-5 feet.

Next the DOPE MACHINE (our best selling MISFIT Surfboard) This is a really fun small wave board. The flatter tail means it holds its speed on flat sections of waves. The Dope Machine Surfboard is wide under the chest for easier paddling. Take this board our on a small wave in sloppy conditions and you’ll still have a lot of fun! Known for its diamond tail, which gives the rider tighter, responsive turning. It also allows fine positioning on the wave. There is a 5 fin setup so you can highly tune it to your style.

BULL DOVE is coming soon in the summer of 2020! This board was made by MISFIT Shapes as a revision of the ever-popular PROFORM. It is a fast, attack board with its lowest point under your feet. It’s got the speed and drive to burn. Dubbed by some “the best shorty [MISFIT] have ever made” we are excited to stock this classic shape with a 3 fin setup. It is for larger waves, 2 – 6 feet. And is a board suitable from groms to experienced riders.

One of the most versatile MISFIT surfboards we stock is the MISFIT NU WAVR SURFBOARD. The NU WAVR Misfit Surfboard has a round pin tail for arcing and pivoting turns. It has a low rocker board for faster tracking on water. And the quad fin setup with single fin options gives so many fin options. You could ride this as a 2+1, or a Quad, or a Thruster, or simply just a Single Fin. Changing fins takes under 3 minutes, and makes this board even more versatile once you get to know the conditions it plays best in. It’s a board that is still good for small days. But it can play well in slightly larger surf, officially 2 – 6 feet. This is the one for your Indo or Mexico trip. The Nu WAVR is one of Dave’s fave boards, across all brands.

Misfit dope machine surfboard

Misfit Dope Machine

misfit surfboard nu wavr

Misfit Nu Wavr Surfboard

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