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The stand up Paddle Board – A Great Way to Get in the Ocean.

The team at Alpine Beach (leading surf snow ski shop in Australia) are all surf, skate, and snow enthusiasts – and that means that we love to stay on top of new trends, in hardware, clothing and accessories. The popularity of the stand up paddle board is only growing, so it is only appropriate that we talk through the different components of the perfect stand up paddle board set up should be. We also offer other types of surf gears which includes our classic Australian bodyboards. Read More

Here at Alpine Beach, we have been sourcing and selling the very highest quality brands that you will know, recognise, and love for providing equipment and clothing that is the perfect combination of quality, price, and style. Since 2005, both online and in our store in Erina, we have curated the perfect collection of products that make us a one-stop shop for everything you need – whether you prefer to be on the ocean, on the slopes, or on the street.

If you are interested in getting started with a standing paddle board online, this guide will help you understand what to look for.

Why Choose a Stand Up Paddle Board?

A standing paddle board is a large, stable board that is usually used on calm waters. Using a single blade paddle, users can stand on their feet or knees and some standing paddle board riders use their boards to explore the ocean or lakes. The use of stand up paddle boards for things like open ocean yoga means that the range of boards available is just growing.

Historically, standing paddle boards have their roots in Africa, South America, and ancient Polynesian culture. Now, the stand up paddle board (SUP) ranges from 8-14 feet in length and around 20– 34 feet wide, weighing 4 – 12 kgs and is considered an accessible alternative to surfing, especially for the older surfer who isn’t ready to give up the ocean just yet. These dimensions vary between inflatable and epoxy construction, race, surf and recreational style paddle boards.

What to Look for in a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

To begin with, you need to decide what you are going to use your standing paddle board for. In most cases, an ‘all around SUP’ is the perfect starting point – versatile, a common shape, and easy to use (often family and dog friendly). If you are looking to have more of a shredding experience, you might be interested in a surfing SUP, or if you want a Touring SUP you can have more of a workout on a long-distance paddle. As you develop and are looking to become more competitive, you will be able to find competitive boards that are built for speed and manoeuvrability. Other types suitable for fishing and yoga are available too.

The right size for a SUP for you will depend on your size and weight, as well as your level of expertise. In most cases, the bigger the board, the more stable it is – so it is easier for those that are a little on the heavy side as well as complete beginners.

Of course, you can also choose the materials your stand up paddle board is made from, too. There are some reliable inflatable paddle boards that make the sport accessible – or you can go for the epoxy boards. For performance, reliability and durability, an epoxy board is usually better. We also sell SUP board accessories such as the sup board cover on our website!

What Makes a Great SUP Board in Australia?

With such a wide variety of SUP boards for sale, unless you already know exactly what you are looking for, finding the right SUP board can be confusing. That is why having some experts on hand (like us at Alpine Beach) will help you make the right decision – and this little guide can make a difference. 

The most common construction of our online SUP board is mirrored in the way surfboard’s are built. An EPS (expanded polystyrene) core that is wrapped in epoxy and fibreglass either with or without a wooden core. The epoxy/fibreglass combination allows for smooth, speedy wave cutting, and is most suitable for adult use because they can be dinged or cracked. In terms of SUP boards online, epoxy ones are often handmade and painted, so can be more expensive. They are, however, one of the best options for those who want to perform well in racing and long-distance journeys.

The soft top SUP board has an epoxy/EPS construction, but the entire surface is covered in a foam-like material that is soft and more forgiving for beginners because it protects against accidental bumps and provides a soft landing for falls. Sometimes this soft padding is topped with grippy material to provide a non-slip surface making it easier to stay upright.

Essential Accessories for Your Stand Up Paddle Board.

When you are thinking of starting your journey with a stand up paddle board, there are a few essential accessories that you need to add – like paddles, bags, and storage.

It is a good idea to do some research about the differences between the materials used for paddles to decide which will be right for you. The balance between price and weight is a delicate one, but whether you choose a plastic/aluminium mix or choose the lighter, more expensive carbon fibre. The most important thing about the paddle is that it is the right size for you. When you put the paddle alongside your body, it should reach to the bend in your wrist when your arms are stretched above your head – when you are buying online, look for one that is 8-12” more than your height. 

Don’t forget protection for your paddle board, too. Covers and bags can help you transport safely, and you can help make sure your board is safe and lasts a long time.

To make sure you can keep your belongings safe and dry, we also have storage options like waterproof key pouches and floating phone cases.

The Complete Stand Up Paddle Board Package from Alpine Beach.

One of the best things we offer at Alpine Beach, both online and in-store, are packages for stand up paddle boards for sale. The perfect way to get started, these come with both the board and a fully adjustable paddle – so you can get going straight away. 

The Isle Soft Cruiser paddle board Package has a SUP that is 10’5”. It is available in peach or light blue, and the epoxy core is covered with a soft outer skin that offers full deck traction and a six-point front bungee system for storage.

We also love the Ocean & Earth Seeker Epoxy SUP with Adjustable Paddle. Slightly longer than the Isle at 10’6”, it is available in white and the combination of fibreglass layers and an ABS plastic shell wrapped around a foam core is thermo-moulded to make it ultra-durable.

Buy Stand Up Paddle Board Online with Confidence

If you are ready to take to the ocean you can buy you very own stand up paddle board for sale at Alpine Beach with confidence. We offer the usual credit and debit card payments, and we have also partnered with Afterpay and Zippay to offer an interest-free way to buy now and pay later. 

If you are close to our store in Erina, you can choose to ‘click and collect’ your purchase from the store – but if not, no worries – we can ship, too. We use a courier service to deliver Australia-wide, and the flat rate shipping depends on your location. We can even ship internationally too, so you can get your hands on the perfect stand up paddle board online no matter where you are (just email us for a shipping quote).

If you need any help or advice on choosing the perfect stand up paddle board for sale, then contact our knowledgeable experts at Alpine Beach and we can get you on the open ocean.

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