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SUP Board Covers at Alpine Beach – Protect Your Board

When you have invested money into the perfect Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP), you want to make sure you can safely protect it when you are travelling – and that is where finding the right SUP board cover is important. Read More

Here at Alpine Beach (leading surf snow ski shop in Australia), we have been helping people just like you find the right hardware, clothing, and accessories for their favourite endeavours – from surf, to skate and snow. Thanks to our own personal passions and expertise, we have curated an exclusive and extensive collection of the absolute best Australian and international brands who offer the same value for money, excellent customer service, and perfect products that we use in our own practice.

We know how important the right gear is – so when you are looking for a paddleboard cover so you can get to the beach, lake, or river safely, talk to us.

All SUP Covers are Not Created Equal

The first thing to consider when buying a paddle board cover for your stand up paddle board is the siez. Although it might seem pretty straightforward – finding a bag that your SUP board fits in – the actual materials, construction and even colour of the SUP cover bag has more importance than you might think.

To understand what this means for you, there are a few things that you need to look for when comparing stand up paddle board covers, such as: 

  • Size: while the SUP board cover needs to be big enough to fit your board without straining the zipper, having it too big can mean the board is loose inside – and moving around even in the bag can cause damage.
  • Protection: in many SUP cover bags, a foam lining is included for protection. The more foam, the better the protection, but remember that this can add weight. 
  • Ventilation: Even if you take great care to dry your board before travelling, moisture can still cause damage, so look for air vents, mesh, and breathable fabrics. 
  • Colour: even if you are looking for a particular colour to suit your aesthetic, it is wise to choose a paddle board cover that has a reflective side at least. This will protect the board from cracking and pressure as it reflects the sun and heat away. If not reflective on at least one side, then choose a light colour.
  • Straps: a well-padded SUP cover bag will add weight to the board, so you need to be able to carry it comfortably. Look for padded straps and remember that a shoulder carry is better for your spine and posture. 
  • Accessories: the perfect SUP board cover will also have room for you to safely transport accessories like fins and paddles, so try and find one that has several pockets.

Just remember that stand up paddle board covers are not for long-term storage. They will cause moisture-related damage if your board stays in them for a long time – remember they have been designed to make it easier for you to transport your board.

Our Pick for the Perfect Stand Up Paddle Board Cover

Here at Alpine Beach, we really like the Ocean & Earth Barry Basic SUP Cover. It is a great price and offers all the options that we think make a great paddle board cover – UV reflective Tarpee, shoulder straps, storage and 5mm waterproof padding, all in several sizes to fit your board. 

If you need further advice about choosing the right SUP cover bag, then contact the friendly team here at Alpine Beach and we would be happy to put our passion and expertise to work for you. Call us today!

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