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Our surfboards fins come in different sizes and configurations to fit your board and allow you to enjoy the best surf in Australia.

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Buy Replacement Surf Fins from Alpine Beach

If you want to upgrade the fins on your surfboard or they need replacing, Alpine Beach has a range of surf fins that are available throughout Australia and can be purchased online or in-store.

Enjoy the Surf with Fins from Alpine Beach

At Alpine Beach, our surf fins range has something to suit all levels of surfing in Australia. When purchasing your new fins, have a look at your surfboard to determine the fin configuration that your board has. You will discover that there are different configurations for your board, and they can range from single, twin, tri (thruster), and quad.

A single fin will give your board that old school surf feel. They are great for longer drawn out turns and stability when racing along the face of a wave, they are most commonly found on medium to longboards. Our range has different sizes, shapes and colours, allowing you to find the best one for your board.

Twin fins are great for speed and big powerful turns. They are great for fish shortboards, and they give you an incredibly fun experience in the waves.

Most commonly, thrusters (tri fins) are used, and you will find that we have some great options for you at Alpine Beach. Tri fins are suitable for both beginners and pro surfers, and they can help to give you great stability and control of your board.

Quad fins can give you good speed when the surf is smaller, and you get good drive down the line. They work well on hollow waves and for punchy beach breaks.

Order your Fins Today for the Ultimate Surfing Experience

If you are looking for surfboard fins in Australia, look no further than Alpine Beach for a great selection. Should you need any help in selecting new fins for your board, you can talk with us on (02) 4367 4944. Alternatively, send us a message via our online form, and we will get back to you within one business day.

When you choose to shop at Alpine Beach, you can take advantage of our expertise. The founders of the company have over forty years’ experience of surfing, and we use this expertise to bring you great advice, and a fantastic range of quality products. What is more, we ensure our products are sold at competitive prices, meaning that you can get to do what you love without spending more than you have to.

When you order online, you can have free delivery when your order exceeds $99. If it does not, then we charge $15 for shipping throughout Australia. Just note that this does exclude bulky items because they will be sent via a TNT courier service. We also ship internationally.

You can also choose to shop at our store in Erina on the Central Coast of Australia. Here, you will be able to view our product range first-hand, plus chat with our friendly staff who are eager to help you get the most from your surf experience.

Get your fins from Alpine Beach today, and you can look forward to great surfing.

Alpine Beach provide a great range of snow, surf & ski gear online. Some of the products we have in stock are:

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