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Stay Connected to Your Surfboard with One of Our Many Surfboard Leashes

Gone are the days when you have to swim all the way back to the beach to look for your board when you come off it. With the help of a handy surfboard leash, you can make sure that your board stays with you no matter what. The surfboard leg rope is an essential piece of safety equipment as it ensures that you and other riders won’t get injured by your board. 

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How Alpine Beach Supplies the Best Surfboard Leashes and Straps

Alpine Beach (leading surf snow ski shop), is the shop to go to for all your surf, snow and skate needs. With products for everyone from first-timers to pros. Opened in 2005, our founders have been in the snow and surf industry for over 40 years, allowing customers to feel, and share in, our passion for surf and snow. With our exceptional product knowledge, we can help you pick out the perfect products for you conveniently, either in-store or online.

Picking the Right Surfboard Leash for You

When you are picking the right surfboard leg rope for you and your surfboard, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Some of the things that you need to think about include your skill level, surfboard length and leash thickness. Depending on these, the perfect leash can vary from person to person.

  • Length – The length of your surf leg rope leash should be equal to or slightly longer than the length of your board. Having a surf leg rope leash that is to short can be dangerous, especially during a harsh fall, as you are tethered too closely to your board. A leash that is too long can affect how well you can catch waves by adding drag.
  • Thickness – The thickness of your leash will depend on the conditions that you surf in. If you only surf in smaller waves a thin leash will work, but if you prefer to surf larger waves a thicker leash will be more durable. Your leash thickness can also depend on the size of your board. If you have a smaller board a thin leash is great, but if you have a bigger board a thicker leash is better to withstand the heavier board.
  • Skill level – Skill level can also influence the type of leash you buy. If you are a beginner a longer and thicker strap could be better as you may fall off your board more. When you become more experienced you may want a leash the same length as your board and thinner so that there isn’t as much drag.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, visit us in-store or contact us online and we will be able to help. Our exceptional product knowledge and excellent customer service mean that you will leave with a product that you are happy with. 

From surfboards, Australian bodyboards, softboards and paddleboards to wetsuits, rash vests, wax, repair kits, sunscreen, phone cases, key pouches and other useful accessories, we stock absolutely everything you need to ensure that your surfing adventures are safe, fun and stress-free.

Get Your Surfboard Leg Rope Today!

A leg rope/leash for your surfboard is an essential piece of equipment that helps to keep your most valuable piece of equipment attached to you so that it doesn’t drift away, and so that everyone around you, including yourself, stays safe. We have a number of different leashes for sale at different prices points, so that no matter your budget, you can find something that works well for your needs.

As Australia’s leading surf snow ski shop we also sell high-quality snow gears as well such as apres boots to keep the feet feeling warm and water-proofed during the winter seasons. Read Less

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