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For those who love a good, aggressive line ride, there are few boards quicker than a fish surfboard. They have a wide outline and a flatter rocker than other boards which means you can generate enough speed to make sections and perform lightning-quick turns. They tend to be wider and thicker than others, which translates to higher paddle ability and are versatile enough to make even the smallest, mushiest of surf fun and addictive.

We have fish surfboards for sale that will suit any skill level or budget. Our team works hard to test and select boards for durability, user-friendliness and ability when it comes to the waves. We’ve also got 40 years of experience when it comes to surfing equipment, repair and replacement so you know that when you buy a product from us it is only going to be of the highest quality. Read More

Some of Our Fish Surfboards for Sale in Australia

Fish surfboards, or swallowtail surfboards as they are sometimes known, have a distinct tail set up, which helps to create traction and manoeuvrability. Its part of what makes a fish surfboard so much fun, along with a compact volume on a short template, width at the back and the stability and rail control of pintails and squashes. We also sell regularsurfboards online as well.

Some of our fish surfboard for sale offers include:

    Dick Van Straalen Wasp Quad

An artisan of surfboard crafting, Dick van Straalen is rightly heralded as something of an institution in surfboard creation. For more than five decades he’s been building boards of all shapes and sizes, each one is unique and loving hand-painted and customised to your requirements.

As a custom design, no two boards are the same as DVS. All that is asked is the size and style, and the DVS works his magic! Get in contact for these exclusive designs!

    NSP PU Kingfish

The design of the Kingfish is geared towards paddling power and stability. The wide nose helps to give it greater volume under your chest and buoyancy so that slices into the waves with only a little acceleration. It also has a slight hip behind the front fins, meaning it has a natural pivot point for added manoeuvrability. Additionally, it can host up to five Futures compatible fins for added thrust.

It features:

  • Single to Double concave bottom
  • 4+6oz or 4+4oz patch glassing over the fin cluster
  • 3 x MFC designed fins.
  • Lengths between 5’6” and 7”2
  • Panda Shiitake Surfboard

A longer fish shape designed to be ridden from 6’0-7’4. This design came about from wanting to ride some longer boards and still keep some performance built into them and also wanting a shape bigger guys could also use and rip on. The Shiitake is flat enough in the front to get a good amount of glide while paddling combined with a healthy amount of concaved vee running out the tail to allow this board to stay manoverable.

The Shiitake will excel best in waves from shoulder high plus. This board has been designed to work mainly as a twinzer but is also great as a twin or even a quad for bigger waves. NOTE- If you are going for the twinzer then please select futures or FCS when choosing the fin system as this will come with the little cannard fin glassed on. If you select glassed fins then we assume you want all fins glassed on.

  • Glassed in stabiliser fins
  • Complete freedom with a choice of spray or tint
  • Available with either Future or FCS2 fin boxes
  • Sizes range from 6’4” to 7’0”

Order Your Fish Surfboard Online Today with Alpine Beach

As part of the surfing community, we’re keen to make sure you buy the right board for you. These are just a sample of what we offer, so be sure to check out the full range of our fish surfboards in Australia. Give us a call or pop by our shops if youre in the area and order online as soon as you see what you want, and youll be trimming the waves in no time at all!

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