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Check Out Our Traditional Recreational Longboards for Sale

The classic longboard is a great all-rounder for those who love to ride waves of many kinds. Usually, between 8 and 11 foot long, with high speeds, long bottom curve and often with a nose concave, they are excellent for those who love to speed across the waves or play around while balancing on the nose. They’ve also got huge amounts of buoyancy and stability which makes them especially good for beginners or amateurs, and you can enjoy rides on smaller waves as well. Read More

We have some of the worlds most iconic and versatile longboards for sale. Our team has over 40 years of experience when it comes to the distribution, repair and servicing of longboards so we know quality when we see it. We select only those boards made with high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship, so whether you are just entering the world of surfing, a part-time enthusiast or a professional surfer you can be assured we’ll have the right longboards for sale for you.

A Selection of Some of Our Longboards for Sale in Australia

There are longboards for sale online as well as shortboards online for every type of surfer. Some factors worth considering as you take a look at our line include how tall you are, your body shape and your previous experience. A mistake that even the most experienced shortboarders make is buying too short a board – shorter boards do not necessarily make it easier to ride nor does it make the best of the experience. One of the best reasons to buy a longboard is that it becomes easier to ride smaller waves, which means you can still have fun surfing when the waves are tiny.

Our range of longboards for sale online include:

  • NSP Protech Longboard

This recent addition to the NSP longboard range is a wonderfully versatile board. Built to support those looking to improve their longboarding skills and designed with a reinforced carbon tail, this board is great for taking bottom turns and high trims, as well as excellent stability when riding off the tail.

Features of this board are as follows:

  • Beautifully rendered Red Tint lamination
  • 1 x NSP Nylon 8 center fin, 2x M3 side fins (2 x MFC designed FTUs optional)
  • SecureCell EPS core
  • Length between 80 and 90
  • Donald Takayama In The Pink Tuflite Longboard

For those who like a classic retro style, this board is the epitome of cool 60s and 70s vibe. But while they may look vintage, they can be calibrated to work with a few different fin systems, including single, single + sidebites, 2+1s, so it benefits from a very modern versatility.

This board is perfect for nose-riding with its huge solid concave scoop in the nose, but can also pivot and turn sharply with a 2+1 set up and its clean rounded square tail

Features of the model include:

  • Multiple finishes dependant on size
  • Tuflite construction extremely durable and light
  • Lengths are 86, 90, 93 and 96
  • Torq The Don

This board is one of the most high-performance longboards for sale in Australia. It is well known for its nose stability and pace through the middle and tail sections. Fast and agile, it also benefits from the precision engineering of Torq Tec construction which means it’s both lightweight and strong, making it responsive and dynamic.

Features of this model include:

  • 3 glass layers on the deck
  • 2 layers on the base
  • Carbon stringer
  • Fins sold separately
  • Lengths between 86 and 96

Buy Longboards Online in Australia from Alpine Beach

As you can see, weve got something to suit everyone, but if you arent sure what you need or just want to get a bit more insight into our boards or surfing gear in general, come down to one of our stores or give us a ring. Once youve got a good idea of what youre after, take advantage of our online ordering process and youll be out on the waves on your new board in a matter of days!

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