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Buy Your Mid Length Surfboard Here!

Mid length surfboards are perfect for those who are looking for the beautiful glide factor of a longboard without having to worry about its bulk and restricted turning ability. On average, are between 6’6″ – 8 feet, with a full nose, mid-range rocker, boxy rails and mid-to-high volume. They are known for stability and work really well in waves of any size. Read More

We’re pleased to offer you some of the best mid length surfboards available online. Our boards are built with premium-grade materials and are selected by a team of industry professionals, knowledgeable surfers and board technicians who know quality surf gear. We offer a little of everything, for those who have little or no experience of surfing and for those who are of competition standard. There is also the opportunity to customize a mid length from world-class shapers and brands like Dick van Straalen, Panda Surfboards, and Misfit Shapes; choose length, shape, tail design and spray.

Our Range of Best Mid Lengths Surfboards

We’ve chosen only the best mid length surfboards for riders who like mini-simmons or a fish but would like the length for those days where the waves call for something a bit bigger. They typically have a higher volume that will enable you to sit firmer in the trim and ride up against the face with the glide and line that a shortboard or fish can’t match. We also provide longboards for sale online as well!

Our range of mid length surfboards include:

  • Torq Tec M2

This is a great all-round lightweight board which works excellently for small waves and gliding but has the structural heft to stand up against big waves. It is well balanced with a full nose, a thick rail and offers an easy paddle and pick-up for when you’re up against it. While it can be used professionally it is also smooth and comfortable and stable enough to be used by novices as well.

Features of this board include:

  • Futures Fin Boxes
  • 6+6+4oz deck
  • Carbon Stringer to deck and bottom for extra strength
  • Length 7’0″
  • Ocean Soul Mini Mal

Built by the Surfing Australia sponsored Ocean Soul brand, these high-volume, spacious boards are a great fit for the hobbyist, beginner and professional looking for a fun weekend board. They have excellent buoyancy and the stability and glide to paddle easily on the pick-up. Plus, it is always at a superb price for the quality!

Features of this board include:

  • Striking, bold range of edges and finishes
  • Tri Changing fins attached
  • Lengths between 7’”0 and 8’2”
  • Hot Buttered T-Drop Surfboard

For those who like a classic retro style, this board is the epitome of cool 60s and 70s vibe. But while they may look vintage, they can be calibrated to work with a few different fin systems, including single, single + sidebites, 2+1’s and quads, so it benefits from a very modern versatility.

Features of the model include:

  • Multiple finishes: Epoxy Olive/Ochre or PU White/Pinlines
  • Fins included
  • Length between 6’8″ and 7’4”

Order The Best Mid-length Surfboard Today!

These are only samples of the mid-length boards we offer, but as you can see, we have something for everyone. We know boards and we know surfing gear, so if you don’t see quite what you are looking for in our full range, give us a call or come and visit if you are in the area and we’ll guide you through our catalogue. Order your mid-length today and get out on the waves and have fun this weekend!

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