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Looking for High-Quality Shortboards in Australia?

Theres no better way of getting a faster speed or more aggressive turns than to invest in a good shortboard surfboard. Speed and turning capacity are optimised by their 5-7ft lengths, thruster or quad fin set up and sharp rocker and thinned out nose and tails. Their dimensions allow for steeper drops and quicker traction, faster lines and extraordinary manoeuvrability.

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We have some of the best shortboards on the market. We insist on stocking only the best built and most professional of boards for reasonable prices. As distributors and repairers of sports equipment with over 40 years experience, we know quality when we see it, which means when you buy shortboards from our shortboards online website, you know youll be getting a board which will endure and give you a thrilling ride every time.

A Selection of Our Shortboard Surfboards in Australia

As we have quite a diverse range of shortboards & surfboards online; it might be wise to take a moment to think about what your preferences are. Are you a rider who prefers speed over control? Or are you looking for something that allows you to get airborne, lay rail and/or sit deep in the tube? Many of the products below are highly customisable in these respects. From mid length surfboards to twin fin surfboards we can customise them all for you.

  • Rusty The Blade

This board was designed and developed by the Rusty Preisendorfer to the specs of the famous 1984. After the success of Mark Occhilupos limited reissue of his classic 84 model, they teamed up and built an optimised nose and a more efficient underside, including four channels and a double concave.

The model we offer includes:

  • Four Deep Channels (optional)
  • Deep Single Concave
  • Fins – Futures or FCS
  • Sizes between 5-9
  • Hot Buttered H-Bomb

This design follows a classic round tail but with the added option to ride it as a quad or thruster. That means it is one of the most versatile offerings we have and can be optimised for speed or manoeuvrability. The result is a smooth ride and effortless, graceful line with easy flowing high line pumps.

The model features include:

  • Round Tail
  • Tri-Quad FCS2
  • Length between 510 and 68
  • Protech Tinder-D8

Designed by Marcie ONeill, this shortboard surfboard is well known for high performance in all aspects. Whether you intend to use it for a gentle evening ride or you want to rip across some 6 footers, youll find the D8 has got you covered.

It’s shaped with a gently squared tail and can be fitted with either a quad system or a thruster fin setup, and benefits from a single concave to double out the fins. Materials include a 36g cell EPS core and 6+4oz deck and fin patch, with carbon fibre-reinforced tail patches. It’s also treated with a UV-stable resin tint to keep it safe from sun damage and finished with a satin rub to make it sleek and beautiful as you ride!

This model features:

  • 3 FTU boxes
  • 3 MFC designed fins (with the option to swap them out for Futures)
  • Length between 510 and 66

Order Your Shortboard Surfboard Online Today!

We have a great range of shortboards in Australia and these are only a few samples of our offer. Can’t make up your mind? Visit one of our stores and take a look at them in person or simply call us up and have a chat about our line. Once you’ve made up your mind, follow our simple ordering procedure and you’ll be out on the waves with your brand new board in no time.

At Alpine Beach we also all sort of surfboards including longboards for sale.

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