Top 5 Amplid Snowboards This Season

Top 5 Amplid Snowboards This Season
What is the best Amplid snowboard? It’s a question we get asked on the daily here at Alpine Beach, a question that has staff instore and behind the scenes butting heads and debating diligently over, but ultimately, the best snowboard isn’t determined by the product itself; it’s determined by the rider.
Finding the right stick is entirely subjective, based on your ability level, budget and, crucially, where you like to spend your time on the mountain. Or it could be truly visual; some people get hyped to snowboard just from their board graphic.
We have worked hard to compile a list of the top 5 Amplid Boards for Winter 2024, to help you choose the best board for you.
Number one is the Amplid Soulmate, a new board for the 2024 winter.
Amplid Snowboards made it into the Whitelines 100 thrice this year, one victor being the new Soulmate.
Peter Bauer, Amplid founder and magician, drew on his many years of experience working on the successful Singular series to create the Soulmate—a true Swiss army knife that will unlock the doors to any terrain the mountains offer.
The Soulmate mixes a modern nose shape with a slight taper and semi-swallow tail for cutting-edge float and agility on deep days and corduroy.
This quiver of one is called “no-graphics”, as its graphical concept also allows those with a smaller wallet to experience the epic performance of an Amplid snowboard.
Second on the list is the Amplid Dada, a fan favourite with the shop staff.
The Dada and its dadbod curves flip the finger to supermodels watching their waistlines and instead focus on delivering the most eye-opening twin-ish powder experience imaginable.
This stubby can sumo-wrestle a wide variety of terrain and conditions. Thanks to carbon pop bands, the board is surprisingly responsive, yet its low camber means it’s playful straight out of the wrapper.
“My board of choice when in Japan. It's fun and responsive in the trees and powder. It's mid-flex, has great edge hold, and is a solid all-mountain board.”
    -    Braeden – Online Manager
“My daily driver, perfect flex for all terrain. You don’t have to think. It does everything for you.”
    -     Dave – Surf, Snow, buyer
Number three is the Singular, which won the Whitelines 100 last year. New for this year, Amplid teamed up with artist Dr. Wolfenbergen, aka Justin Moll.
Justin’s work has been recognised by the American Institute for Graphic Arts, Graphis, Communication Arts, The One Show, and more. He has been making art for commerce since 1999.
The graphic has changed to a more classic black-and-white look, with a different graphic in the middle for each size.
This Swiss army knife can carve early morning groomers at Mach 5, attain freestyle cred in the park or plough effortlessly through waist-deep powder – the habitat of this new wonder board is simple in every terrain and all snow conditions. It sounds highly promising, almost too good to be true. But it’s true. HEX02 honeycomb in tip and tail for less swing weight, VISCO DAMP 2.0 for maximum vibration dampening, and sintered base for the highest speed - the Singular is simply the best One-For-All choice for the rider who wants to conquer the entire mountain with one snowboard.
Number four is the Snommelier, a board everyone in the shop has been dying to try, especially in this year's hot pink colourway.
The Snommelier’s acute geometries and construction techniques combine for a unique big mountain experience for riders with a nose for pow days of the finest vintage. Seat-of-the-pants speed is balanced by a velvet smoothness that locks your edges in for control and stability at the limits.
This season, it’s been levelled up with extra honeycomb to reduce weight further. With its deep swallowtail and extensive nose, the Snommellier is Peter Bauer’s go-to on the most significant days. It provides a riding sensation unlike anything else, keeping with the FUTURE SHAPES family.
“The one board I wanted to take to Japan, but we had none left. Not even the rep can get his hands on this amazing board.”
  -       Jake – Amplid Rep
Last but not least, the Souly Grail, a personal favourite of the man himself, Peter Bauer.
Now in its second season, the Souly Grail builds on what made it such a success on its debut to offer a truly mind-blowing experience. This year, swing weight has been reduced by adding an extra shot of honeycomb, while Antiphase 3.0 eliminates even more bad vibrations. However, the cranked sidecut, avant-garde 3D nose geometry, and classic swallow tail remain for the same limit-stretching performance.
With turbocharged technologies and shapes that slice through hardpack with laser-like precision, connoisseurs of the art of turning have finally found their match.
We’re glad to be of help in choosing your ride this winter. If you have any more questions, please call, email or DM us, or head to our Snowboard page to check out the full range of Amplid boards here at Alpine Beach, the home of Amplid Snowboards down under.

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