Apres Snow and Ski Boots

If you’re going on a snow holiday, then chances are that you’re probably focused on preparing the right clothing and equipment for when you finally hit the slopes. However, don’t forget to consider what you’re going to wear when you’ve taken off your ski or snowboard boots. There’s nothing worse than having cold and soggy feet while you’re having a drink at the end of your day.

Buy Your Apres Boots from Alpine Beach

Apres boots were made to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in cold and wet conditions as you walk up to the slopes or around town. Don’t discount them as a stylish sidekick when you’re out and about later though. These shoes were made tough, but they were also made stylish, our favourite combination.

Choosing Your Snow Boots Online

Not just any snow boot will do the job that you need it to do and that’s why we stock Attiba, Khombu, XTM, DC and Protest Apres boots in our online snow gear shop. The footwear has been designed with your protection, comfort and style in mind, all in extremely cold and hazardous conditions. Sizing available from the tiniest of baby feet right up to the very large mens sizes.

How to Pick the Right Size and Fit for Your Apres Boots

Finding the perfect fit for your apres boots is crucial for enjoying your time after the slopes as much as during your runs. Start by measuring your foot size accurately. You can do this by standing on a piece of paper, tracing around your foot and then measuring the length from heel to toe. Compare these measurements with the sizing chart on our website to find your ideal size.

When trying on apres boots, wear the socks you intend to use during your winter activities. This typically means thicker, thermal socks that provide warmth and cushion. The boots should fit snugly but not be too tight, allowing enough room to wiggle your toes. Check for any uncomfortable spots that might cause issues after extended wear. Remember, the right fit will ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness in keeping you warm and dry.

Here’s why an Apres snow boot is the best choice:

Keeping your feet dry but comfortable

There are two things that a good snow boot should be: 1. Waterproof 2. Breathable. Brands can advertise their shoes as waterproof, which they very may well be, but they’re also made completely from rubber and therefore, completely unbreathable. Breathability is a huge factor when it comes to comfort in the cold. Your feet get hot during activities and they are bound to sweat, which will leave your feet damp and uncomfortable.

Luckily, most of our boots are 100% waterproof with a rubber sole but with a lining that offers the maximum breathability in cold conditions ensuring you stay warm.


If you’ve ever experienced wet shoes and socks during a snow trip, then you’ll know exactly how bad it is. It has the potential to ruin an entire skiing experience. Most manufacturers of snow boots have really hit the nail on the head when it comes to insulation for footwear worn in cold and wet climates. Many of our boots have faux fur or other incredibly insulating lining to ensure that your feet stay warm during your winter getaway.


Another factor to consider when it comes to snow boots is that they are not going to slip from under you in wet and snowy weather. Our boots have been tried and tested in all sorts of cold weather conditions and they are all made to ensure maximum strength and grip to keep you on your feet when you’re in the snow.

Choosing the Right Apres Boots for Different Activities

Selecting the perfect apres boots for various winter activities can significantly enhance your comfort, performance and style. Here’s how to choose the right boots based on the activities you love:

1. Casual Town Use

For those who plan to wear their apres boots mostly in urban settings or while strolling through resort towns, comfort and style are paramount. Look for boots that feature stylish designs and softer, more flexible materials that make walking on paved surfaces comfortable. Insulation and waterproofing are still important, but you can opt for boots with a lighter build and more fashionable details.

2. Heavy Snow and Rugged Terrain

If your winter adventures take you into heavy snow or across rugged terrain, you need boots built for toughness and exceptional warmth. Choose boots with robust, waterproof exteriors and superior insulation. Brands like Attiba are renowned for their thermal efficiency and advanced sole designs that provide excellent traction on icy or slippery surfaces.

3. After-Ski Socialising

Apres ski boots are essential for those who enjoy socialising after a day on the slopes. For this activity, you might prioritise boots that slip on and off easily and offer a comfortable fit for prolonged wear. Boots with plush linings and chic designs ensure you look and feel great, whether you’re at the ski lodge or a local eatery.

4. Active Winter Sports

For enthusiasts who engage in active winter sports before slipping into their apres ski boots, consider transition ease and quick-drying features. Boots that offer a combination of breathability, moisture-wicking interiors and thermal protection will quickly restore warmth and dryness to feet chilled from intense activity.

5. Family Outings

When choosing apres boots for family outings, consider options that cater to the needs of all family members, from toddlers to adults. Look for boots that offer durability and protection for active kids, as well as styles that parents can appreciate for ease of use and comfort during extended wear.

Style Tips — Coordinating Your Apres Boots with Winter Apparel

Apres boots are not only practical but also a stylish accessory for both slope-side and town use. Here are some tips to help men, women and kids look their best while staying warm:

  • Men For guys, pair your apres boots with dark-wash jeans and a fitted sweater for a rugged yet refined look. Top it off with a parka or a wool coat for extra warmth when heading out in the town after skiing.
  • WomenFor the ladies, you can style your apres boots with leggings or fitted jeans, and layer with a long, chunky knit sweater. For those extra cold days, throw on a stylishly belted puffer jacket to keep cosy and chic.
  • KidsKids can pair their apres boots with just about anything, from snowsuits for toddlers to jeans and bombers for older kids. Bright colours and patterns make the boots fun and easily visible, keeping the little ones both safe and stylish.

Apres Boot Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance are key to ensuring your apres boots last through multiple winter seasons. After each use, remove any snow or dirt with a soft brush or cloth. Allow the boots to dry at room temperature, avoiding direct heat sources like radiators or heaters, which can damage the material.

For deeper cleaning, use a cleaner appropriate for the boot material — many apres boots come with specific washing instructions. Once clean and dry, apply a water-repellent spray to protect against future moisture and stains. Store your boots in a cool, dry place, ideally with a boot tree or similar insert to help maintain their shape.

Buy Apres Snow Boots from Alpine Beach

Apres snow boots are a great addition to your cold weather shoe collection and after reading the above, it shouldn’t be hard to understand why. They offer insulation, comfort, safety and breathability, all at a great price.

At Alpine Beach, we carry a diverse range of apres boots from Attiba, DC, Roxy, XTM and other top brands. Browse through our selection of ski gear online to find the perfect fit for your next ski trip. If you’d like to know more about our boots or other snow gear, simply get in touch – we’d be happy to hear from you. We offer free shipping on orders over $100* and accept Afterpay and Zip Pay instore and online. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for snow days!