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Buy Surfboards Online with Alpine Beach

Whether you are a beginner surfer or a pro, Alpine Beach can help with your shopping journey when it comes to surfboards online. We also have everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the surf lifestyle and enjoy all the benefits that surfing can bring.

An Extensive Range of Surfboards Online

At Alpine Beach, we have a range of surfboards to meet your requirements, including:

  • Shortboards
  • Longboards
  • Mid-lengths
  • Fish
  • Twin fin
  • Softboards

For beginner surfers who are looking to buy surfboards online, soft boards are a great option. They will give you greater buoyancy and more paddle power when you are catching waves, and they are more stable than shortboards. A soft board can help you to catch more waves and become better at surfing. The soft structure of the board also means that it is more forgiving when you fall off as you are learning.

Longboards are also a good option for beginners as they are stable and easier to paddle than shortboards. Longboards are great for catching more waves and allow you to catch smaller waves with ease. Alternatively if you are an experienced surfer we have performance longboards, with Alpine Beach you can find an option that suits you.

A mid-length board is a great happy medium. You can catch smaller waves, and they take up less space than a longboard when transporting them to the beach. However, they can also work well when the waves are bigger, meaning that they can make an ideal versatile addition to your surfboard collection.

If you are looking to improve your surfing skills or need a high performace shortboard, our range of softboards can up your game. They are not recommended for beginners, but they are perfect for those who are intermediate to experienced surfers. Consider the conditions that you often surf in before you choose your new shortboard to make sure that you get the right one for you. Remember that our staff at Alpine Beach are on hand to help if you need any guidance. We also have a range of surfboard covers & surboard fins

Why Choose Alpine Beach for Surfboards Online?

With Alpine beach you can buy surfboards online and have them delivered to you anywhere in Australia or overseas. With an extensive range, you will be sure to find the right one for you.

Should you prefer, you can come into our store located in Erina on the Central Coast of Australia where our experienced staff can give you expert advice on the best surfboard for your needs and skill level. The founders have forty years’ experience in the surf industry, so you can be confident that you are in the best hands and we will find you the perfect surfboard for you. While there may be many options out there for surfboards, with both our passion and experience, we make buying a surfboard a fun and simple process.

If you are looking to buy surfboards online or in-person through our store, Alpine Beach is the best option. So don’t hesitate, we will get you out there sharing the stoke and catching waves with us in no time. Read Less