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Rashies are a staple in any surfer’s or beach goers uniform. If you regularly spend time at the beach or a wave hitting enthusiast, you’re of course, going to need adequate clothing. Let us kit you out and prepare you for those beautiful, sunny afternoons of sporting bliss.

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Be a Radiant Beach Babe with Our Ladies Rashies

Alpine Beach is located in the heart of the Central Coast, a real treasure trove for surfing fans as we have brought our decades worth of expertise and knowledge with us. Come and be wowed by our incredible ranges and willingness to match you with products that will suit you best.

The womens rashies we sell are high quality, extremely well made and very reasonably priced. They will last you through all your surfing expeditions and be a cute addition to your sports wardrobe with some great new versatile designs and prints available now.

Garments Galore from Gorgeous Australia

There’s a wealth of benefits behind the humble rash guard. Firstly, they protect you from abrasions that can occur when coming into contact with the sandy and waxy residue from your surfboard. Secondly, they follow their namesake, preventing rashes typically caused by sliding on and off the board. Thirdly and most importantly, ladies rashies safeguard you against dangerous sunburn. This is vital as you don’t want to be putting your health and wellbeing at risk. With the appropriate attire you won’t have to worry about any of these nasty problems which is why you should invest in a rashie.

Moreover, the brands we affiliate with offer a range of patterns, designs and colours. So whether you prefer plain or prints, we have something for everyone.

Other typical detailing includes:

  • Comfortable but resistant materials
  • Streamlined sections for a perfect and flattering fit
  • UPF 50+
  • No fraying with superb stitching of soft filament thread

Rely on Alpine Beach for Wondrous Womens Surf Rashies

We’re useful because if you’re far from our store, you can conveniently shop for our womens rashies online. You’ll find that we have an extensive policy that will protect both you and our products.

What’s more, we’re not a large department store with surf gear as side rail. We specialise in sportswear and equipment and have years of experience in the industry. Consequently, we’ve embedded everything we’ve learnt into our company and filtered it down into brand choice, staff selection, store and online management.

Alpine Beach is always at your disposal to help you navigate your options. Our merchandise is for everybody, from beginners to intermediates and professionals. For those who surf at the weekends to those who board daily.

Come and see for yourself by coming down to our store for a visit. Call us to have a chat with a friendly team member about our stock. Or start adding to your shopping cart. Simply don’t hesitate to browse at your leisure or get in touch with us if you need our assistance. We’re always more than happy to help. Be your best adventurous self and see what our amazing products can do for you.

Alpine Beach provide a great range of snow, surf & ski gear online. Some of the products we have in stock are:

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